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It's time to Position your
business to Profit,
I can show you how... 

Your Premium Prospects are waiting for you... 
They just haven't heard of you yet...

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I'm calling this the "Positioning Toolbox" because it offers a 
whole mix of value-based helpful info for your Positioning.

At whatever level this finds you, there's something for you here...

I look forward to helping you "zag" with your business.

Patty Dominguez,
Founder of"Positoning to Profit"

Complimentary Goodies
Every week, join on the Positioning to Profit podcast available on all podcast players including Spotify.  You'll discover a combination of solo shows and interview shows where the topic of positioning is discussed. 

Let go of the random acts of marketing and move forward and celebrate what makes you unique.  As I always say, you want to "zag" when everyone else is zigging and I can show you how. 
Is Your Business Positioned to Profit?

> Receive your very own personalized Positioning to Profit Report

> Discover how to use the key pillars of Positioning to give yourself the Ultimate edge for entrepreneurial success.

Take this Positioning Assessment to discover your roadblocks and a personalized plan of action to overcome the positioning roadblocks that are keeping you from even more profits.

Every month, consider it your open invite for complimentary coaching with yours truly.

My specialty is Positioning Marketing & Marketing Strategy.
Are you suffering from the "Random Acts of Marketing" woes?
Not sure where to focus on with your marketing?

Why am I doing this? Because I love helping small business owners and ultimately some of you will become clients, because there's resonance.
and instantly pinpoint what you need to do next for your business.

Fix This Next: Make the Vital Change That Will Level Up Your Business. It will get you on the path of doing the impactful things for fast, healthy business growth.

The outcome is Impact when a business systemically transforms the lives of all (or most clients) for the better.

Too good to miss...
Discover the essentials of Positioning to Profit with yours truly, Patty Dominguez
Discover where most coaches go wrong with their marketing
Chapter 3: Avoid these mistakes that will cost you not only money but time!
How to build more trust
The unique process for "Prolific Positioning" is revealed
"Positioning is how you stand out uniquely in the mind of your Premium Prospects"
The Positioning Hot Spot reveals the Positioning essentials so that you can establish your "Category of One". There's plenty of money to be made on the Internet, especially in this day in age. It's critical to understand how to stand out.  

Access to the full "Positioning Hot Spot" Course, Online Videos, Transcriptions, Mp3 (Audios);  BONUS: You'll also receive Patty's "Positioning to Profit" EBook
If you've ever said: "Explaining what I do is the hardest thing..." then this is for you.
The Niche & Pitch reveals the Positioning Essentials you need to stand out.
You will no longer struggle with the feeling of: "I don't know how to say what I do in a way that connects..." 

Access to the full "Niche & Pitch" Course, Online Videos, â€‹Supporting documents to help guide you Transcriptions, Mp3 (Audios)
Online Workshops
In this special Workshop, Patty will share how to find your "White Space" where others are just in a crowded bloody ocean of competition

The missing component to your offers (especially if they aren't selling!)
The single most lucrative business strategy that virtually no one takes advantage of to grow their income

What the big brands do to grow their reach that solopreneurs are completely missing
This workshop will review the key Pillars to have in your business so you can stand out  (hint, hint, Positioning), how to leverage your time (work less and make more, yes it's possible!), and build a solid income foundation.  Say good bye to inconsistent income . 

Coaching Options
The Prolific Cafe Membership is exclusively for women entrepreneurs who are ready to create their own Category of One using simple yet curiously effective marketing & business strategies. No More "Random Acts of Marketing"

The best part is the amazing community of Mavens - there's truly no better space to grow and expand your career & business. 

Join and be part of the Prolific Cafe membership!

This special coaching inner circle will be featuring the Positioning to Profit Continuum which includes the three distinct profit pillars to grow your business. 

This circle is unlike any other offering I have because of the strategies included to help move you to multiple six figures + in your business. 

Join and be part of the Prolific Inner Circle!
My one-on-one coaching options are very limited.  

In this option, you will see a couple of ways that we can work one-on-one together. Whether you'd like more direction in your Positioning or ongoing support. 

It is my honor to help move your business forward and connect with you.  Thank you! 
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