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If you’re a smart online business owner (and you obviously are... because you're here)...

you’ve probably heard how important the right content, community and coaching are to your success

You’re constantly looking for the latest shiny marketing or business growth tool.

But the search can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

  • Maybe you've tried a bunch of $997 courses to find the best way to launch your latest product, but it feels like you're just spinning your wheels
  • Maybe you're overwhelmed by how to piece together all of the "must have" courses and products without a clear strategy
  • Maybe you keep investing cash into software and tech, but it feels like a never ending quest to get all the pieces to work together
  • Maybe you've invested in an online business membership before that promised all the inside tips, but you ended up with pretty average advice (and even more headaches)
  • Maybe you've joined an online community before, but your fellow members were complainers and self-promoters (boo hiss...)
  • Or maybe you have no idea where to start, and another $997 course makes your eyes roll as you grab another double-shot of espresso.
  • If only you could skyrocket your online business without all the stress and confusion
Because let's be honest, trying to figure out how to build an online business can be like trying to mix together different blends of coffee and ending up with muddy water. 

You don’t need to buy another program that will supposedly give you the ‘silver bullet’ to your business challenge.

What if there was a way to energize your business with cold-brew coffee-powered strategies and marketing support to help you communicate your message?

I invite you to join the PROLIFIC CAFE Membership hosted by yours truly,  
Patty Dominguez, where you will get my high-level business strategy and coaching.

You’ll get access to a whole host of online marketing / business training that’ll give you high-quality strategy and motivation to grow your business with confidence and ease.

"When it comes to strategies, ideas, and moving my businesses forward, Patty is my #1 pick. Her stellar contributions and first-class business pedigree make working with her a win every single time. If you are looking to seriously move the needle on your business and get an action plan that works, I enthusiastically recommend Patty Dominguez. She is incredibly talented and I credit her with many of my professional breakthroughs."
Dr. Christine Kaczmar,



an online business community with the content and coaching to help you maximize your Business

A complete solution for smart online business owners who want to caffeinate their results without the tech headaches

I've taken everything I've learned from more than 20 years developing corporate strategies for Fortune 50 companies all the way to privately owned businesses. 

I help savvy business owners who want to stop getting distracted by the next shiny course, and achieve “category one” status in their marketing and business through the power of Prolific Positioning™.

Prolific Positioning™ is all about helping online business owners like you sustain their success by focusing on:

  • Messaging that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd in a remarkable way
  • Focusing on the marketing essentials so you can extend your reach in the market and have an impact on more of your ideal clients
  • Weekly coaching to help with your pressing questions so that you can keep moving forward.


A Membership that focuses on the business essentials without the fluff. 

When you invest in PROLIFIC CAFE, you get a delicious frappe of marketing courses, strategic coaching, plus thousands of dollars’ worth of value-packed and dynamic content. Oh, and did I mention weekly coaching?


A powerful blend to turbo charge your business success 

You’ll have a simple and fast strategies to help you. With PROLIFIC CAFE you’ll be able to:

  • Position yourself online as an authority in your space so you can remarkably stand out from the crowd
  • Create irresistible offers that have clients' fingers twitching with 'buy now' anticipation
  • Construct savvy email strategies that connect with your clients and convert them into new sales
  • Grasp on-trend social media tools and tactics so you can engage and influence your perfect clients

PLUS strategic coaching with me to move you forward in your business weekly...yes, weekly!  So that you don't have to go at this business thing alone!

  • The proven "Zag with Webinars" framework that teaches you how to create winning webinars without reinventing the wheel (value $500)
  • Loads of videos on how to use leverage to create connections, increase productivity and so much more
  • Click-of-a-button funnel frameworks and explainer videos that save you time tinkering with the pesky tech stuff
  • Our complaint-free Forum (no more Facebook Group nonsense!) so we can build our community on our own terms without the drag of self-promoters
  • Loads of templates for developing your course outlines, creating email sequences (including swipe files) and much, more more
  • A new monthly training with the latest shares on what I'm finding is working in marketing


So who am I to be telling you how to skyrocket your online business?

Hi there, I’m Patty Dominguez, and I’m a business growth strategist, digital marketer, coach and mentor. 

I'm an enthusiastic, seasoned professional with a 20-year successful track record and expertise in business strategy, coaching and consulting.

I have worked with Fortune 50 companies, startups and  solopreneurs, helping them build a prolific footprint both online and offline. Whether it's helping my clients:

  • Craft their unique position in the market
  • Be different rather than better (and prolific rather than different)
  • Help automate to scale business
  • Build a strategic foundation (which is essential to building a profitable, relevant and meaningful business)

My specialty is understanding where in your strategy your business has gaps to fill, where your "drill sites" of money-making opportunities are, and the quickest path to cash. 

I’m also one of five coaches in Jim Fortin’s (who is the world leader in subconscious reprogramming) Group Coaching program, where I help high-performing teams develop their leadership quotient and map out actionable plans and processes for success. So when I show up for our weekly ‘ask me anything’ calls, you’re in good hands.

"I've worked with a lot of people... 

Patty is the real deal... she gets in my head of what I want to do for my business and helps to make it happen... I cannot recommend her enough!"
- Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, America's Most Requested Celebrity Psychologist


Isn’t about inviting you into a short six-week course where your coach appears once or twice before it’s over and then… *poof*... they’re gone.

You'll have a complete online business system with support, resources and a strong shot of community so you can let go of the overwhelm and stop the urge to buy (and figure out) one more thing.

“It has been life changing working with you… I have more control over my time, I am more focused. 

Patty is a dynamite in the industry. She’s your friend, ally, and mentor…”

- Yelena Kalendareva

You'll Be Able To... 

  • Receive coaching every week to help you simplify your online business by focusing on the things that matter
  • Access relevant tools and trainings to help you with your business so that you can leverage the right tools, in the right sequence, with the right offer that helps your ideal customers in the highest way possible
  • Attract more of your ideal customers who want what you're selling
  • Access the online courses on how to write emails, learn to do webinars, positioning marketing and more! Right at your finger tips!

Here's how it works...

Click the blue button to get started with Step One 

Step Two:  Sit back, relax and sip your favorite brew as you watch a quick ‘Welcome video’ from me giving you the highlights about how to make the most out of your membership

You will be sent an email with information on how to login to Prolific Cafe membership

Register to save your spot for the first ‘Ask me Anything’ Q&A call, then begin making your way through the courses inside PROLIFIC CAFE+

Imagine what life would be like if…

  • You woke up to your favorite blend of coffee each morning and checked your phone to find new leads, traffic, and sales came through overnight
  • You started to enjoy your business more because you had clarity on how to promote your business
  • You loved getting to your computer each day to support and be supported by your fellow business besties in the Prolific Cafe Membership group
  • You started collaborating with other smart sassy business owners, creating profitable and prolific joint ventures
  • You easily get unstuck and move forward with decisions faster, resulting in increased revenue streams
  • You confidently take greater measured risks that skyrocket your influence, impact and grow your legacy


Let's face it, in todays business world you need a serious edge to come up with wins over and over. Patty Dominguez is definitely our favorite "serious edge" for our businesses.

Her ability to gauge exactly what marketing strategy to use is uncanny and continually performs super well for us.
Dr. Darci Stotts,
Co-Founder of

Join Today And Receive

The complete Prolific Cafe+ Yearly Membership 

You'll get access to comprehensive courses on how to:

  • Position yourself online as an authority in your niche so your market will know, like and trust you
  • Create your own online course and membership site so you can get started quickly and make money right away
  • Craft offers so good that ignoring the "Buy Now" button isn't an option
  • Create Value-packed offers that feel as satisfying as drinking your favorite cup of coffee on a chilly day
  • Construct savvy email strategies that connect with your clients and convert them into new sales
  • Grasp on-trend social media tools and tactics

And up-to-date business tools on:

  • The "Zag With Webinars" framework for a winning webinar so you can regularly engage with your prospects
  • "How To" videos on using leverage so you can create connections and increase productivity
  • Click-of-a-button funnel framework and explainer videos to save you time tinkering with pesky tech stuff
  • Templates for webinar presentations, developing your online course outline, creating email sequences (including swipe files) and more!

Plus strategic coaching with me to move you forward in your business weekly for the life of your membership

That's a TOTAL VALUE of $5,000+/year 

Got Questions?
What support is there for me?

There will be a weekly call with Patty and there’s our team to help you with any concerns/support.

What if I don’t want the membership, is it easy to cancel?

Great question. If you find the content doesn’t align with what you’re looking for, you can simply email the team at [email protected] and we'll discontinue your membership, right away. 

How much time is this going to take per week?

Q&A: Ask Me Anything coaching calls are held weekly, so to get the most accountability out of your membership I encourage you to make time in your schedule to show up and make these a non-negotiable.

The membership courses are ‘go at your own pace’ so you can take them as fast or as slow as you want. I’m all about teaching you to get the three pillars of your online business on point so you can: 

  1. Remarkably brand yourself in a way that sets you apart from the rest

  2. Automate your processes to extend your reach in the market and influence more of your ideal clients 

  3. Scale your business by attracting your perfect traffic so you have a stream of continuous prospective customers. 

Once you get these three pillars of success in place your business will run more efficiently and grow faster so you have more time to enjoy life. How much time is that worth to you?

What makes this membership different?

The membership houses marketing strategies that I believe will change your business. And, they’re simple because… well, why overcomplicate things?

You’ll find a safe space for support, and a place to gain insights on business philosophies that will move your business forward.

You’ll also discover how to overcome limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your head and playing a small game. 

You’ll have a simple way to do business with a neuro-alignment mindset system that helps you move forward with decisions faster, make super  confident and measured risks more often, and say YES to opportunities to grow your reach.

You need strategy in business. But more importantly you need to control

your brain-based dynamics which will move your business forward and get you unstuck – fast.

"Patty is by far one of the most incredible human beings I have ever had the pleasure to connect with in business and on a personal level. 

When Patty started assisting me with my personal brand she truly brought out my vision in so many ways with her creativity and innovative style. 

She works with heart and integrity and I am blessed to still continue my journey with her. I highly recommend this woman, she can literally do anything!" 

- Tara Romano, Founder of Tone & Tease 

So if you’re ready to ditch the ‘not another course to take’ overwhelm and AND prolifically position yourself to speed up your results… 


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