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The challenge is real...

Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of small business owners! Dive in with me about the complexities of copywriting and unravel its many challenges:

Time is a precious commodity: I don't have to tell you that as a small business owner, your schedule is probably overflowing with tasks to tend to. With so much to do, how can one find the time for copywriting?

Identifying your Premium Prospects: A crucial aspect of copywriting is deeply understanding the needs, desires, and pains of what I call your "Premium Prospects." Without proper insight into your audience, your messaging is likely to fall flat.

Writing...there's an art & a science to it: Crafting compelling copy that resonates with your audience can be a daunting task, especially if it's not in your wheelhouse.

There's a psychology to selling: Effective copywriting goes beyond grammar and persuasive language. It requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the art of selling.

Knowing how to strike the right balance: Striking a balance between creativity and brevity is no small feat, especially with the goal to stay "on-brand." To write copy that is both attention-grabbing and succinct takes skill and experience.

This Brain-Based Copy Triad addresses the THREE

distinct pillars for curiously engaging copywriting

PILLAR ONE // Personalization at Scale (emotional / right brain)

One of the often overlooked yet hard-to-ignore foundational principles in copywriting is the importance of market research. Once you have a profound understanding of your prospect's pains, fears, frustrations, desires, dreams and aspirations you can craft copy that connects because of its relevance. While your messaging may be broadcasting to thousands of people, it will seem as if you are speaking directly to that ONE Premium Prospect.

PILLAR TWO // Ethical Persuasion (logic / left brain)

Ethical persuasion is a form of persuasive writing that involves using natural language to build trust with the audience by providing meaningfully relevant content that resonates with them on a personal level. As analytical and logical information is presented, your prospects will also recognize how your products/services will fit into their lives.

PILLAR THREE // Personal Branding & Storytelling (emotional / right brain)

Storytelling holds tremendous value in the realm of personal branding. It is a way for you to connect your experiences and convictions in a manner that is both memorable and captivating. Through the art of storytelling, you'll forge a potent emotional bond with your premium prospects. Showcase your expert positioning and further strengthen your personal brand.

To find out more about how this "Done-For-You"

Triad can help you achieve your messaging goals:

Some Copywriting Options

  • Done-For-You Market Research Dossier

  • Long form Sales Pages

  • VSL / Video Sales Letter

  • Email sequences

  • Origin Story script

  • YouTube video scripts

  • Ad copy

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A La Carte options available, of course

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Hi there, I'm Patty Dominguez, a Positioning expert and Messaging Maven. I bring my 20+ year successful track record and expertise working with Fortune 50 to Small businesses. My goal is to help you achieve clarity in what makes you different and create resonance with your message so you can stand out in your market.

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"I've worked with a lot of people...

Patty is the real deal... she gets in my head of what I want to do for my business and helps to make it happen...

I cannot recommend her enough!"

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo,

America's Most Requested Celebrity Psychologist

"A big Thank you to Ms. Patty Dominguez...

The one thing that Patty has done was bringing back the investment of working with her...

Patty has helped me to nail my message...

This has been life-changing!"

Alma Barrero,

Best Selling Author & Empowerment Coach

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You wanna work with somebody who really knows their stuff ..."

Dr. Christine Kaczmar,

The Digestion Doc, Founder of

'I knew that Patty is a messaging ninja so I was so excited working with her...

One of the thing that I love the most about working with Patty is that shes's full of great ideas and will push you when you need to be push but also listens and take into your account any of your concerns to..."

Rachelle Holowko,

Surface pattern designer, Artist and Founder of Pattern & Design

'Its been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business.

She works at both levels, so she's fantastic at high-level strategy... And she also can go work at the another level which is providing depth. She has helped me transform my business...

She's fun to work with, she's great, I trust her..."

Georgie Beames,

Leading Weight Loss Surgery Psychologist

'Patty has totally changed my perspective. She will get you in your lane and help you perfectly position your business.

And in these tough times, she will help you pivot. Whatever Patty is offering make a run for it..."

Dr. Jeri Anderson,

Author, CEO

The Whiplash Doctor

'She has been that missing ingredient... Patty does it so magical. She walks you through step by step...

Patty has been there to guide me through that, and I'm so grateful....

Oh my gosh, you need Patty...

Val Hemminger,

Top Divorce Lawyer and Founder of "Be The Best Divorce Lawyer" Academy

'She's the real deal. Patty really is educated in the field of business marketing... She really understands the psychology of how to go about branding and positioning...

Patty totally understood my market, where I was going, what I envision..."

Raeeka Yaghmai,

Founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence™

'She helped me come up with such amazing strategies with so much ease that it made my life like a 100% easy and I can't say enough about what working with her. Its an investment that's going to pay off.

So I highly, highly recommend working with her.

Padma Ali,

NeuroPsychology & Energy Alignment

'She's amazing... brilliant, creative and innovative and she's very agile in a changing market so she can certainly move and pivot your business where profitability is something that's very consistent.

I love that about Patty...

She works 100% from the heart...

Dr. Darci Stotts,

Stotts Wellness

'It has been life changing working with you... I have more control over my time, I am more focused.

Patty is a dynamite in the industry. She's your friend, ally, and mentor...

Yelena Kalendareva,

Founder of Aneley Cosmetics

"I reached out to Patty six weeks ago. We started working on a plan to host my first international event!

Patty thank you for making my dreams come always have the strategy to help get me there...

Sonia Rodriguez,

Master Coach for Beauty Professionals & Sales Expert, The Beauty Mastermind

Are you ready to take advantage of this

"done-for-you" dream?

About Patty Dominguez

Hi there, I'm Patty Dominguez, and I'm a Positioning Expert, digital marketer, coach and mentor for Women in Business.

What I bring is the high-level strategic business & marketing methodologies, curated from my Fortune 50 experience to the small business owner / entrepreneur. 

Since 2012, I’ve been mentored by the world’s best direct response experts learning cutting edge marketing strategies that are relevant in today’s world for small business owners. 

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