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If you've ever wanted to build a successful service-based business, but haven't figured out how, then read every word below...
Dear fellow entrepreneur, 
My name is Patty Dominguez and I currently have the distinct honor and privilege of mentoring women entrepreneurs from all over the world. My specialty is helping these women position their business to profit. 
In a moment I'm going to share with you the exact system I developed to help service-based entrepreneurs establish their Category of One, making their competition irrelevant.
Before I get into that, I want to share with you where my journey really began as I want you to know, I'm just like you... 
It wasn't that long ago when I was in a tailspin of "courseritis" buying course after course trying to figure out how I can grow my service-based business. Even though I had over eighteen years of successful Fortune 50 corporate experience, somehow I couldn't "crack the code" with all of these courses I invested in... why? 
That's when it hit me, I was always going to compete on price if I didn't stand out uniquely. 
It wasn't about the funnels, tactics, and latest social media platforms. I had to regroup and go back to the foundational principles of positioning, that I had learned working with the biggest brands in the world. That's when things started shifting for the better. 
The second BIG "Aha" moment I had was about my mindset.
"Hustle hard,"  they said...
And, all that just led to adrenal fatigue and disappointment. I had been working from force, lack, desperation, and pushing my way to earn my income. I spent far too many years working this way and it was exhausting!

Years later, a mentor of mine showed me that  I was working from a broken strategy. I realized that my business results would always meet my identity every time, no matter what. I knew that I had to change my mindset. 
Once I changed my focus on positioning and mindset, I knew I was ready to activate. 
I created the "Positioning to Profit" Framework to help my clients too:
This P2P Framework has helped so many of my clients breakthrough limiting beliefs and create their version of a "successful business." This is the system I wish I had when I first quit my job back in 2013.  It would've saved me a lot of time, money and energy. 
Consider this your official invitation to join
The Positioning Club
*The App you need to succeed
Who Positioning Club is FOR
  • If you are newer to service-based entrepreneurship and looking for clarity 
  • If you struggle with imposter syndrome or say things like "who am I to make that much money?"  and are ready to kick the itty bitty sh*tty committee to the curb then YES this is for you!
  • If you struggle to explain what it is that you do in a way that is clear and compelling
  • If you are reactively basing your pricing on "what the market will bear" then you aren't positioning to profit...yet! This is for you!
  • If your income is inconsistent or your monthly income is under $3k / month this is perfect for you!
Who Positioning Club is NOT for
  • Looking only for silver bullet magic solutions [they don't exist], this is NOT for you 
  • If you have an offer that does not add value to the world, this is definitely NOT for you
  • If you have a highly commoditized product and not focused on building your own personal brand, this is NOT for you
  • If you believe that personal development is just a bunch of new-age mumbo-jumbo - then you wouldn't like it here 
  • If you whine, complain, blame, point fingers, and/or have a sh*tty attitude - look elsewhere for help because this is most definitely NOT for you. 
Why Go At This Alone?
Here's the Truth About Marketing
  Marketing is always changing - what worked last year may not be working this year
  You're wondering why your business is in a feast or famine cycle and you aren't sure how to move past it. 
  If you aren't positioning your personal brand as something different in the market, then your prospects will make up their mind based on price and you're commoditizing your talents.
  There's a part of you that wants something different in your business, right?  Keep reading... this is for you
Here's Everything You Get When You Join
The Positioning Club App
Niche & Pitch Course
Discover the secrets of the Big Brands that you can apply to your own marketing so you stand out! 
This course offers you the exact Positioning foundations so you can stand out uniquely. No more guessing!
The C.A.F.E. Call w/ Patty 
Two times a month, The CAFE Call (Corrective Action, Faster Earnings) happens. It's LIVE coaching (of course recorded) to help you move past the challenges you're having and quickly gain clarity and next steps!
Strategic Partner System Course
Aren't ready for paid ads yet? This was my go-to strategy to replace my corporate multiple six-figure salary. This special course will help you grow your business without having to spend money on ads. 
The Repurpose Course 
K.I.S.S. - keep it super simple is the mantra we live by. Discover 15 ways to repurpose your content so that you have more time and aren't always on the content creation hamster wheel. 
Remember, build assets so you can create money-making opportunities!
Meet My Higher Self
(Mindset) Course
What if You Were More Confident and Intuitive in Your Business? The "Triad of Her Success"  reveals the 3 distinct areas that will help you slash imposter syndrome and step into your power. 
Community & Connections
In the Positioning Club App - you can instantly connect with other club members. Remember, there's no reason to go at this alone anymore.

The support is there, right in your pocket!
Positioning Club Monthly
Every month, you'll get an E-newsletter with Recaps of all the business and marketing tips, latest gems that will make your life easier, and extra goodies each month (special offers, mindful meditations and more!)
Book Summaries
from the Masters 
Consider this your ultimate shortcut to continue mastering business and marketing strategies. You'll get a monthly book summary with practical tips that you can apply to your own business. 
Imagine all that support, right in your pocket!
These Results Can Be Yours too
"Thank you for clearing my mind"
Get focused help which will help you gain traction
"Such a revelation!"
Gain clarity so you can avoid Random Acts of Marketing
"I can't thank you enough!"
Discover how to easily create your offers so that your prospects say "yes"
"Patty is the real deal... You wanna work with somebody who really knows their stuff and has the skillset but also offers the support that they have to, should you ever need it.

I can't say enough about Patty and her team.

I know that you will love it too!"

Dr. Christine Kaczmar
The Digestion Doc, Founder of SmartDigestion.com
Wait... So you're saying this is All in an App?
Yes, that's right... all in an App. You'll have access to the courses, audios, videos, downloads, CAFE Coaching Lives, Community, and more to help you... all in the convenience of the Positioning Club App (also available on your desktop)
Is the Positioning Club App available on IOS and Android?
Yes, it is!  Super easy to access just like any other App you've ever downloaded
How will this help me?
Positioning Club is focused on delivering the strategic pillars of the "Positioning to Profit'' Framework:  internal positioning (mindset), external positioning (marketing strategies) and Activation of your personal brand. 
What if I'd rather look at this on my laptop / tablet?
Positioning Club is an App available for viewing on your mobile, tablet or desktop - :) 
What does my investment cover?
The investment for Positioning Club covers your 12 month access to the courses, live coaching, newsletters etc., 
Who is leading this Soiree?
Patty Dominguez, the founder of Positioning to Profit, has helped entrepreneurs establish their Category of One status making their competition irrelevant since 2013. She spent 18 years working in Fortune 50 with the world's biggest brands and now brings Positioning secrets to her community from all over the world.
How is this different than Prolific Cafe?
Prolific Cafe is a women-only business membership that is really applicable for those entrepreneurs who have an established business, earning over $3k/ month and looking to scale to $10k/month and above. It includes more advanced marketing and business strategies. For more information on Prolific Cafe >> CLICK HERE
Do you offer a Guarantee?
Of course! If Positioning Club doesn't offer you the value covered here, then we simply don't deserve your money.
You can contact support at [email protected] within the first 30 days of your purchase and we'll happily refund your money. 
"Patty is the real deal"
"Patty Dominguez is knowledgable, smart and really personable... she gets in my head with what I need to do in my business..."
Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, America's most requested Psychologist 
By now, you know just how beneficial the Positioning Club App will be for your business, right?
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What would having clarity do for you & your business?
Here's the thing - right now you've got two choices: 
 You can stay exactly where you are and continue with the "Random Acts of Marketing" and waste your time & energy. 
It's like that struggling "hamster on the wheel" syndrome filled with constant frustration and let's face it... it's exhausting!
Or, you can tap into the exact support system to help you become that Prolific Pro you are meant to be... 
 Gain clarity on who you are speaking to so that your Premium Prospect feels the "wow, you get me..." feeling 
 Feel empowered to work from your "higher self" - with confidence, conviction and certainty that you CAN build a business. 
 Get better results with your marketing efforts because you are up-to-date with the latest tools, tactics without the overwhelm. 
 Step into your power knowing that you have the support of a community and the guidance to help you move forward . 
The choice is yours, you know which path to take... 
Let's Do It, Patty - I'm In!!
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