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I'm calling this the "Positioning Toolbox" because it offers a whole mix of value-based helpful info for your Positioning.

At whatever level this finds you, there's something for you here...

I look forward to helping you "zag" your business.

Patty Dominguez, Founder of"Positioning to Profit"

Complimentary Goodies
 The "Magic Mirror" Guided Mindful Meditation is a quick 12 minutes to ground yourself, recharge, and step into more of your power. 

Who couldn't use more of that, right?

You deserve this time for yourself, your mind and body will thank you for it in ways that you can't even imagine.

Every week, join the Positioning to Profit podcast available on Spotify and all podcast players. You'll discover a combination of solo shows and interview shows where we explore business-building secrets. 

Isn't it time to let go of the random acts of marketing and move forward and celebrate what makes you unique?  As I always say, you want to "zag" when everyone else is zigging and I can show you how. 
Is Your Business Positioned to Profit?

> Receive your very own personalized Positioning to Profit Report
> Discover how to use the key pillars of Positioning to give yourself the Ultimate edge for entrepreneurial success.

Take this Positioning Quiz t to discover your roadblocks and a personalized plan of action to overcome the positioning roadblocks that are keeping you from even more profits.

What's in "Niche & Pitch" Intro Videos...

> Introduction on how to demystify Positioning in your business
> If you have felt that your message is NOT hitting the mark, then this is perfect for you... (hint, it's a Positioning thing...)

Discover how to Position yourself for maximum impact!

Revealed: How to Easily Build Your Personal Brand & Expert Authority by being a Podcast Guest
In this special Podcast Guest Pro MindMap & supporting walkthrough, I'm revealing the exact system that I run for myself and my clients to attract guest spots on other podcasts - WITHOUT having to create my own podcast, worry about generating consistent show content, editing "um's" and "ahh's" filler words, creating show notes, or having to worry about publish deadlines.
Let Patty guide you as you finally discover your higher self so that you can experience even more success.
If you're done feeling fearful and overwhelmed and are ready to step into your power... Unlock the power of this 21-Day Challenge so you can access more of your "Higher Self."
Discover the essentials of Positioning to Profit with yours truly, Patty Dominguez

The big companies understand the importance of positioning and branding all day every day. Doesn't that tell you something about the importance of positioning? It's time that the small business owner harness the power of positioning and what it can do for you. 
"Positioning is how you stand out uniquely in the mind of your Premium Prospects"
The Positioning Hot Spot reveals the exact  Positioning essentials you need to build your Authority and establish your "Category of One". 

Access to the full "Positioning Hot Spot" Course, Online Videos, Transcriptions, Mp3 (Audios);  BONUS: You'll also receive Patty's "Positioning to Profit" EBook
If you've ever said: "Ugggh, I never know how to explain what I do..." then this is for you.
The Niche & Pitch reveals the essentials for finding your profitable niche, positioning foundations, and crafting your elevator pitch. 

You'll wonder how you ever skipped knowing this easy format to tighten up your messaging. 
I love podcasting!! It's such a great way to establish authority positioning. It really helps elevate your expert status. But let's be honest, starting a podcast is a lot of work. I believe that being a podcast guest is one of the easiest strategies to leverage other podcaster's shows. Discover the essentials strategies to find the ideal podcast shows, how to get prepared, get booked, and show up like a podcasting PRO!
Let's face it, you can't do it all in your business. One of the best decisions I ever made was to hire my first VA (virtual assistant). I kissed a lot of frogs though before I built my "dream team." Nobody really teaches us how to hire, let Imagine what your business would look like when you have your rockstar team member(s), the one who is a joy to work with and care about your business
The How To Hire Your Next Rockstar course reveals everything you need for hiring your dream-team members.
The K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) & Repurpose Course is Here...

Discover 15 ways How to Repurpose your content through this special course. 

​Get off the content creation hamster wheel, you don't have to build endless amounts of content. I'll show you how to ​repurpose your content on multiple platforms, do the work ONCE and position yourself to profit.

The Strategic Partner System Course is Here...

Discover The Highly Effective Yet Little Known Business Strategy that Accelerates K.L.T (KLT = Know, Like, & Trust) to grow your business. This strategy will help you build connections with people of influence so that you can in turn grow your business.

This is an especially helpful course if you are not in a position to spend money on paid traffic.

Discover Conscious Crypto & Intuitive Trading and How to Prepare for What's Coming even if you are New to the Crypto world. A Workshop Intensive outlining the fundamentals and next steps to get started in Crypto

Access to the full "Conscious Investing & Green Crypto" Course, Online Videos, ​Supporting documents to help guide you Transcriptions, Mp3 (Audios).

Online Workshops
In this special Workshop, Patty will share how to find your "White Space" where others are just in a crowded bloody ocean of competition.

The missing component to creating offers that sell is revealed. (especially if they aren't selling!)

5 simple strategies to help bulletproof your business even during tough times. 
This workshop will review the key Pillars to have in your business so you can stand out  (hint, hint, Positioning), how to leverage your time (work less and make more, yes it's possible!), and build a solid income foundation.  Say goodbye to inconsistent income. 

Discover the 7 Key Strategies that helped me build a multiple six-figure lifestyle business even with all the craziness going on in the outside world...

This workshop is complimentary, so you can use it too for scaling your business. This is just another way to position you to profit.

Are you on the Revenue Rollercoaster? Some months are great and others are flat at best. 
 These business stability secrets will help you
... even in a crazy economy
...even if you are in a super competitive market
 The #1 starting place if you want to stand out before you work on your social media or create any content, starting with this ONE STEP will save you time & money.
Coaching Options
The Prolific Cafe Membership is exclusively for service-based women entrepreneurs who are ready to create their Category of One and build a six-figure business. 
The 3 pillars of focus: are positioning, systems, and accountability.  The best part is the amazing community of Mavens - there's truly no better space to grow and expand your career & business.
This is perfect for those entrepreneurs earning a steady income of over $3k/month
This six-month container is focused on leveraging automation and systems to create more passive income. 

This small circle is by design and focused on increased accountability. These advanced marketing strategies help move you to multiple six figures + in your business. 
Application only admission - this is for the entrepreneur already at six-figures ready to scale. 

Sometimes all you need is that "who" to help you get back on track and move past the bottleneck.  It's never been easier to "pick my brain" all you want during this special VIP Virtual Day.

Now, I'm extending this problem-solving opportunity to you too. Consider it like "Patty in Your Pocket" 😇

My one-on-one coaching is limited and available by application only. 

You will see a couple of ways that we can work one-on-one together. Whether you'd like more direction in your Positioning or ongoing support. 

It is my honor to help move your business forward and connect with you.  Thank you! 
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